False allegations survey

We are asking victims of false allegations in United Kingdom family court proceedings to help us collect a knowledge base and evidence about this problem to assist in building broad and reliable insights into the impact of charity organisations who provide Independent Domestic Violence Advocate (IDVA) reports to their service users who claim to be the victims of domestic abuse and violence, and those reports are compiled on the basis of allegations which are false. We are specifically looking for feedback and evidence from individuals, whether male or female, who have had reports written about them and can evidence that reports written confirmed them to be perpetrators of abuse, which was either supported by no evidence, or by manufactured evidence.

If you are the loved one of a person who resorted to suicide (or is unable to complete the survey themselves for another reason), and have detailed knowledge of their case and ideally access to the documentary evidence of any reports written in support of their accuser by a 3rd party agency such as a domestic abuse charity, as well as access to proof of their innocence, then please complete the questionnaire to the best of your knowledge. The survey allows you to tell us your name, the victims name and your relationship to them, as well as why they are unable to complete the survey.

We are also requesting further information from victims responding to this survey about their experiences of Parental Alienation alongside any false allegations that have been made against them. This will enable us to ascertain how professionals mitigated against this and what the trends are where related to family court proceedings, and the prevalence of false allegations, compared to the population in general.

It is imperative that we build a reliable picture as to the extent and legitimacy of involvement of 3rd party agencies, and in particular Domestic abuse charities, into cases of those who have been falsely accused and also experienced Parental Alienation, together with the impact these have had. The results of this survey will be made public but in an anonymised fashion., none of your personally identifiable data will be shared, with any external body or individual without your expressed written content. The data controller for date protection can be emailed at . If the results of the survey indicate that 3rd party agencies have illegitimately interfered with legal processes, we may contact you for permission to use any evidence you supply to us, but we will contact you for permission first. Depending on the insights and evidence gathered in this survey, we may petition parliament to carry out an independent inquiry.

If you prefer you can complete the survey anonymously, to do this simply write ‘anon’ in the name, email and phone number fields. If you complete this anonymously, we will be able to notify you when the results are published, however you may wish to check back periodically to our website for updates or sign up to our newsletters for more information

This survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Thank you for your support

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