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All I wanted was to leave my husband and coparent . I ended up losing both my sons due to alienation. The family court don’t care .


3yrs of pain to get heard and 3yrs of love that you have missed. Its heartbreaking that you don’t know us now but we won’t stop trying


Make family law a Civil matter rather than a private one to stop the secrecy, and financial gain from destroying our Children!

Chris Bonser

My daughters have just turned 18 and its heartbreaking to be excluded from their lives. To have someone break our loving bond is beyond words

John White

The court favoured Dad over a loving mother who had been abused for years before leaving. Family court need to stop victim shaming. Stop PAA!


I support all efforts socially & legally to put an end to this horrendous crime against children, parents & extended family.

Payam Beheshti

Parental alienation should not be tolerated in any society and those that commit this crime should be stopped!


If we refused to go to court the family courts would be forced to change. We keep feeding the monetary goals so our pain will continues


I can’t do anything right for my daughter as her father is perfect and I cause all the problems! I divorced him after years of abuse

Helen Armitage

9 years of parental alienation, the court order was never adhered to, now both children are adults & still being alienated from me.

Lorna Sutton

Wishes do come true I will never stop fighting for you.


I think I’m going to lose my mind. I can’t believe one parent can be so evil to do this to their own child. This is so horrible.


Yesterday was the 2nd Eid (Muslim Xmas) I have missed both with my daughter. How can this not be a crime?


I haven’t seen my 12 year old son since April. I feel like my heart has been ripped from my chest, beaten to a pulp!

Elizabeth Simpson

Not a day goes by without you in my mind and in my heart. One more day closer to reuniting. Always loving you. Forever your Dad xxx

Steven Monk-Dalton

Parental alienation is such a cruel form of abuse by a parent who purports to love their child by denying them the love of their other parent!

George Mckenzie

I love you more than words can say. I will never stop fighting until you are allowed to love and spend time with both parents.


I begin my day with a sad heart, a prayer for reunification…. I end my day with a sad heart, a prayer for reunification….. 2009 till 2021- PA still continues

Jessica Crouse

I can still hear your voice ‘mummy come back’ you took my son from me and I will never forgive you.


Parents….Stay strong. Never give up on your children and most importantly never ever give up on yourselves. Take good care of yourselves and each other x


I love & miss you all each day. I hope you know I did what I could to have you with me. I can’t wait till the day I get to hold you again xx


I miss you so much – my boys – think of you all the time. Be strong, one day you will work out the truth. Love you no matter what. Dad XXX

Guido De Groote

Even with a court order my ex stops me seeing our son. I take it back to court and they don’t do anything. I don’t have faith in our justice system

Gemma Lewy

My son, you are my world and I am forever going to fight for you, one year on and it doesn’t get easier. You will know the truth someday!


My son’s first steps and his first words were all taken away from me. Our love for each other grows ever stronger

Paul Di Mucci

End Parent Alienation it is the most heinous of crimes

Simon Johnston-Maude

From a Service Soldier to NOTHING. No job, No Son, On anti depressants. A Victim of Abuse even long after we separated, playing God with our son and no “professional” will listen. Nowhere to turn.

Christopher Corcoran

If someone stole a loaf of bread, they would be prosecuted. They steal my children, hurt them beyond recognition and are awarded full control.


I never thought fatherhood could be anything like this, I have never, and will never experience anything as mentally and emotionally traumatic as this

C Cone

If your child’s father is actively trying to be apart of your child’s life… LET HIM

Chris C


Salvatore Cino

Alienated parent and now grandparent whose children are doing to me and their children what their father did to them and my mum.


I was/am the alienated parent when they were younger and now that they are adults they work on turning their partners against me


Being separated and kept from your one and only child. I miss my son and worry for him every day. He is only a year and a half and needs his daddy.

Chris Cone JR

Ishira and Tarishi, You are forever in my heart. I will fight for your best interest and welfare. Never give up. That’s my promise.

Rahul Jaiswal

Ashley, ladybug, luv u!


The pain of not seeing my children is searing. So hard to bear this.


..The court proceedings took over 4 years and are to blame for doing nothing! So many errors were made and at the end all they could say was sorry!..

Ruby Sarwar

I have not seen my son since 10th December. Cafcass are encouraging this parental Alienation. My son Crys cause he can not see me. This has to stop!!!

Lee Else

I will fight to the end to protect you from pa, AAH


Unimaginable heartbreak


I love my daughters so much and hope one day they will realise the truth and I can hug them again

Tom Shepherd

Never give the alienator oxygen, they thrive off it. Stay strong in your mind, our kids will need us one day!! I so love & miss my 4 kids.

Samantha Deeming

My daughter Rhian was illegally abducted in 2018 she is being used as a weapon, she is a Prisoner of war in Poland. A Human Rights War.

Tom Toolan

“He’ll come around.”
2 yrs later…Aching hole is bigger than ever.

Heather Jones

I look forward to the day when I get to meet my partner’s children 


PA is child abuse. It destroys lives.

Frances Carr

..Every day is a living nightmare. My children are grown, never to return. The abuse cycle continues for me and for my children, even into adulthood.

Cori Randall

Stop parents using their kids! With family court order in place, kids are not weapons to punish other parents

Vicky Patterns

To my lost children Harley, Drake and Blair. I will never give up hope, and I will always be here. I love you.

Robbie Thompson

Children’s mental health matters. All children deserve to be loved by both parents. A child does not deserve to be taken from their loving parent.

Aarika Wells

Gran & Grandad love & miss you


My kids taken because I suffered trauma. My heart breaks every day. My kids then are alienated and begin the process of erasing me..I just want to die.

Juliet Balderston



End the pain. Children needs both parents…Keep going, keep fighting.

Chantel Herrell

The controlling and abusive parent wrecks havoc and emotional torture over his ex partner and child, the courts place children with this abuser and do nothing to save us

Johanna Menczer

Tired of hearing about injustice and selfish acts of spiteful venomous ex partners, try being a true inspiration to your children instead of their biggest obstacles

Audley Grandison

I love you son and understand your anger. I want to help you heal. I’ll never give up on you and I never have, it’s just you don’t know that yet


Love is always the answer. I am a mother. I have been blessed with a gift to help heal the earth. Love is always the answer to all!

Natashia Hunter

..It scares me how much this is mental abuse and not ok. We need change in our family court system. Our children need both Parents

Matthew Kinney

Watching them grow up from behind a screen

Sam Sheldon

In 2021, how can this still be kept a secret?

Justin Hamilton

Missing grandchildren so much. Broken family court system. Change needed urgently


Children are not weapons of mass destruction. Children are not tools to be used in negotiation. Children do not have price tags…


Alienation is abuse to the child and the targeted parent. It is a shallow act to exclude a loving parent for someone who has always been absent and makes excuses for everything..


This is something I have been faced with over and over again and nothing seems to be done about it. Awareness is needed and action taken where it can be.


People who claim to love my kids have hurt them to hurt me

Michael Gallagher

Children need their loving parents.

Peter Taggart

It’s the emotional abuse towards my child that hurts. I can disconnect from being hated. I can’t disconnect from my child being used for revenge. That is the pain I feel.

Sean Miller

The horrible lies they use to destroy loving happy families & get away it, something has to be done now

Nicola McCulloch

Children succeed most – at school, at home, and in life in general – when they have two parents in their lives.

Deanielle Dawra

The court system is bent towards the mother, my children have been going through this for 6 years… when is it enough?

Richard Coleman

..The Courts are performing crimes by not being what they suppose to be – who is going to be held responsible for the emotional abuse our kids are going through ???

Alen Tomasic

My daughter cries for her sister every single day

Katie Young

Perpetual grief, my heart is broken…

Toby Picco

Ashley, we love and miss you!


17 months since I saw , touched or heard from you . The pain is unbearable and the grief is daily but know this . I am your father and you are my children

Matt Ballard

..Don’t know how my heart still beats without them here. No clue when we will see each other again

Mandy Ward

My heart is aching. Don’t let my granddaughters suffer the rest of their lives.


It’s grieving.
But you can’t grieve.
Nobody has died.
But you rest in piece’s.

Stuart Stott

4yrs without you all grown up and so much missed, love you always dad.

Steven Miller

It’s a constant pain. You can’t get their childhood back and will always grieve that loss.

Michelle Jones

I Miss My Son So Much I Want To Die

Judy Travis

To my girls, O, H and M, Mummy loves you and I think about you 24/7. I miss you and am trying to get my voice heard

Kirsty R

Two and a half years of heartbreak & pain. Our family have never been the same since. Ronnie, Robbie, you are always in our thoughts & hearts. We won’t give up on you.

Suzanne Simms

PA causes ambiguous grief. Yet, this grief deemed me “emotional”. Asking to see them, deemed “harrassment”. He forgets, we are theirs, they are not “ours”. Children deserve both parents 100%.


Everyday mourning the loss of a living child. Siblings torn apart. Heart broken.


Every day pain can’t diagnosed by medical equipments. I love you son.

Ramesh K

Miss my son everyday first thing I think about when I get up to the last thing when I close my eyes at night missed so much of his life

Lee Davis

Florence, Nancy and Jeffrey, mum never stopped loving you. One day the truth will come out x


What hurts the most is knowing that their foundation was destroyed.


Such deplorable behaviour that has zero consequences for the perpetrator while the victims suffer immensely with emotional wounds that will never heal


I’m still in shock, I thought telling the truth was a good thing. I should have lied.. it worked extremely well for him 🙁 I miss my girl!


I call my daughter every day, we are connected twice a month for 2 minutes max each. I am available for my daughter every day, but she hasn’t been allowed to see me in 3 years.

Andres Rozo

It breaks my heart not seeing my son but I will never stop fighting for you. One day I hope we will meet again

Lewis Ellison

Every separating couple should be required to mediate before court and prove claims or expose lies. Family courts are broken


I begged social services to get me help with mediation for the family or just my child..they said case closed nothing we can help at all

Rachel Douglas

S & A, not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. Miss seeing you so much my heart aches.  


How can a child when they’re grown, trust? If the person they’re meant to trust as a child, destroys how they see their other parent?


It’s not just the alienated parent that suffers. The siblings and stepparents do too, more than is realised!


They say a Connection to a child once bonded is Unbreakable.
I Do Most Certainly Agree

Merlin Bow

There Is No Help For Alienated Mothers, My Whole Life Is My Daughter….So Basically, The SS And Court Are Guilty Of Murder!

Hannah Feather

June 2021 marks not being in my son’s life for half of his. 9 years. Every anniversary is like a knife in my heart.

Sarah Richardson

I have not seen my daughter since 4th June 2016, no help of support from social services, police or courts, my court orders are pointless

Robert Fink

I haven’t seen my 12 year old son since April 12th. I feel like my heart has been ripped from my chest, beaten to a pulp!

Elizabeth Simpson

I can still hear your voice ‘mummy come back’ you took my son from me and I will never forgive you.


2009-Parental alienation that began with pure evil intentions, 2021-still continues. 

Jessica Crouse

..I love you more than words can say. I will never stop fighting until you are allowed to love and spend time with both parents..


I miss you so much – my boys – think of you all the time. Be strong, one day you will work out the truth. Love you no matter what. Dad..

Guido De Groote

I love & miss you all each day. I hope you know I did what I could to have you with me at least. I can’t wait till the day I get to hold you again


K, J and F. Miss you with all my heart. I’m fighting to see you and want you to know you have a dad who loves you…


Narcissistic abuse and child abduction are severe forms of violence against parents and children. Courts and forensic investigators have become extensions of abuse. End parental alienation.


Our institutions who are supposed to be custodians of fairness and harmony within society are currently not fit for purpose.

Shaun Buchanan

Please keep fighting the good fight for those of us that have been rendered powerless by a corrupt and biased family court system.


I’m your parent! I’m your dad! I’ll always love you. I’ll always keep fighting for you. X

Jason Crockford

Parental Alienation is a living bereavement. It’s cruel, it’s shameful and a little piece of my heart will never heal x


My sweetheart, love will always shine through, So please remember we are always here for you. Unconditionally and forever. Love Nanny x


Helen and Sam, I love you very much, I miss you every day. Hope we can sort things out.


The judge accusing me of going to court as a sport. Why? Because I’m a great parent and wanted to see my 3 sons.


Im 88 now. Will i see you again in my lifetime? The thought breaks me. You dont even know grandad has gone.


Just say you want to see me to either of your brothers or teachers and I’ll come running. Its okay to see me you won’t be in trouble.


We cannot see our granddaughters after we helped look after them for 10 years. The pain is so deep it hurts us every day. Hope to see them again soon.


Dearest boys, years fighting through, what is called our justice system, it took too long to get you safe from the poison. I am here when you are ready. Love Mum


Miss our Grandaughter & would love to meet our Grandson. Love them both very much


I miss my grandsons Alfie & Charlie so much breaks my heart I didn’t see them for 3 years

Victoria Mulhearn

My youngest grandchild will be 22 tomorrow and I haven’t seen him since he was a year old. Thinking of my three children and their offspring

Ann Green

We never stopped loving you.

Jane Jackson

I love and miss my beautiful girls everyday. I am waiting with opened arms. Love, hugs and kisses, Mum

Yvonne Burns

Bright are the stars that shine, Dark is the sky,I know this love of mine, Will never die. And I love her. Daddy loves you Aeliana

Greg Jacina

There are no words to describe the pain and grief of basically having your children abducted and no-one cares!


Parental alienation kills your very soul. Stop the abuse. Stop killing people’s souls. Stop destroying family after family. Stop weakening our future generations to come. Just stop the abuse already!

Tiffany Baker

Because I love you with every fiber of my heart and every white hair of my head I will never leave you. Until we reunite and even after this life, I will continue to care for you


Atty and Alyx. I will never stop fighting to see you and help you understand what has really been going on. I love you both more than anything in the world.

Julia Schlegel


Stefan Bennett

To my beautiful daughter Aleyah, I am so proud of you. Not a day goes by without you in my mind and in my heart. I long for the day we are reunited, one day closer

Steven Monk-Dalton

Parental Alienation effects all the family I am a mama and it’s a living bereavement.


Devoted daddy that has been robbed of seeing my daughter who was born over 9 years ago now


Hello Dom & Noah, I miss you terribly, every day I think of you. I see kids that remind me of you, we are missing your childhood together.


Hi Christopher and Savannah I always tried to do what was best for you. I love you, dad

Mike Henstridge

My Son has been alienated by his mother towards me and my family and friends. The system does not protect children enough

Richard White

My darling girls. I love you and miss you with all my heart. All your family and I are longing for the day when you are back in our lives. Daddy


I’m sorry I couldn’t find a way. I am still hoping for daddy days back after 13 years denied contact.


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