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We work in partnership with other organisations, professionals, and agencies to offer support to those experiencing Parental Alienation. When necessary, our volunteers signpost clients to organisations offering legal advice or specialist support on this issue.

The links provided on our website are for your convenience. (click on any logo or image below to access each service providers website)

If you require further advice or support, please complete our needs assessment form in order to help us understand your current situation.

Emotional Support


I’ve been through a lot in my life including estrangement, close familial bereavement, loss, and alienation so come from a place of understanding.  Combine that understanding with extensive training and experience and you have someone who really knows how to help you.

As an Emotional Resilience Coach, Licensed Chronic PTSD, and Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, I have the expertise and experience to help you move from a place of heartbreak, loss, or grief to one of peaceful calm and joyful acceptance.

For more details, please email me at:




 Mothers is a charity that offers non-judgemental support and information to mothers apart from their children in a wide variety of circumstances. Our members include those who are sharing parenting and those who have little or no contact.

Only Mums

We support parents who are struggling to make the best decisions for their family during separation and divorce.


Families Need Fathers

Families Need Fathers seeks to obtain the best possible blend of both parents in the lives of children; enough for the children to realise that both parents are fully involved in their lives. Legally, parents should be of equal status. Responsibilities and obligations, caring and financial, should be fairly shared between the parents.

Only Dads

We support parents who are struggling to make the best decisions for their family during separation and divorce.

LGBT Parents

LGBT Mummies

  The LGBT mummies mission is to acquire true equity & equality for LGBT+ families that of our heterosexual counterparts. This is through resources, connecting you to supporting organisations, sharing studies, our private support groups, to celebrating & sharing your lived experiences & our annual events where families come together.

Religious or ethnic background 


Jewish Unity for Multiple Parenting (JUMP) was established in 2001 as a not-for-profit, voluntary, community support and advocacy group focused on improving parent–child relationships following family breakdown. JUMP aims to help and support parents and extended family members, particularly those affected by parental alienation, so as to maintain a loving, nurturing, and meaningful relationship with their children.


Bristol Grandparents Support Group

Bristol grandparents group aims to provide support information to grandparents that are alienated from their grandchildren. Although based in Bristol we give support to grandparents across the UK and beyond.
We give support at our regular support group meetings, meetings via Zoom, or via our Helpline on 07773258270.

Hendon Grandparents Support Group

Hendon grandparents group is for grandparents who have lost contact with their grandchildren. Meetings are held in the Hendon area every six weeks on Thursdays. For more information including location and dates of meetings, contact Lorraine on

Berkshire Grandparents support group

Berkshire Grandparents support group is for Grandparents that have little or no contact with their Grandchildren due to difficult family situations. Open to all familial connections who are affected by this situation. Berkshire is not a closed border

Going though family court

Litigant in person

Modern Family Channel

Modern Family Channel is a free e-learning membership platform for parents who are struggling with hi-conflict separation and child contact disputes. There are plenty of videos on demand for separating couples who need help / support and advice.

Support Through Court

We are a charity supporting people who face court alone so that they can represent themselves to the best of their abilities. We can help at most stages of the court process, sometimes right away or you may be able to book an appointment at one of our local offices


Dean Vickery Family Solicitor

Dean is a Family Law solicitor, specialising in Divorce and Children Act applications. Dean can prepare your case this includes drafting urgent applications, Form E and/or statements and drafting all Children Act applications. He can also attend court and source experts in their own fields. Dean offers an out of hours service for the charity on Tuesday evenings ( between 6pm and 8pm) and Saturday mornings ( between 10am and 12pm)

Lucina Troy

Lucina Advises on:

Child arrangement matters regarding with whom a child lives and has contact with

Applications for a Child Arrangements Order

Disputes concerning aspects of a child’s upbringing such as schooling and religion

Applications for Prohibited Steps Orders and Specific Issue Orders

Complex children law disputes including issues such as parental alienation or a parent seeking to relocate

Breaches of Orders and Enforcement

Domestic violence and harrassment and Applications for Non-molestation Orders and Grandparents’ rights


Ian McArdle

 Ian McArdle who is a barrister based in Liverpool and practises from Atlantic Chambers in Liverpool and from Magdalen Chambers in Exeter. Specialising in all aspects of children’s law, with a particular interest in cases involving Parental Alienation. He practiced as a solicitor for 10 years prior to becoming a barrister and is currently undertaking a Ph.D. researching Parental Alienation in The Family Justice System.

Children in the middle

Elizabeth Mccallum and Sarah Evans have more than 45 years’ combined experience in the family law field and are the only barristers’ chambers solely specialising in this line of work. We aim to offer creative, practical solutions to even the most difficult situations.

As barristers, we can provide the experienced representation you need for every stage of the proceedings, from initial advice, drafting an application to the court, representation at hearings and preparation of witness statements and evidence.

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