Welcome to our Awareness Flag

We have created an Awareness flag where you can leave a message for your loved one/s or express your feelings telling the world how Parental Alienation has affected you and your family.

Our giant Awareness flag is 6 meters by 4 meters and has over 300 messages from alienated parents, children and grandparents. It has been on display in Devon and Cornwall, and we hope to have this on display in other counties throughout the year. Add your message to help raise awareness and visibility of this issue.

How it works

1. Express yourself by submitting your comments with the form. (25-30 words)

2. We will review your comment.

3. Our team will print your message onto our Awareness flag and also post it onto our digital message board

*Please note that if your message goes over 25-30 words we will only use snippets from the comment.

Let us know if you want your comments to be anonymous or not. 

Leave a comment on our awareness flag. Tell the world the pain that you feel. Let's raise awareness together

Parental Alienation Awareness Flag

Brittany Jones

Dawn Marcham

A kidnapped mind


I miss you

Clare Latchem

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