Our aims

Raising awareness

Welcome to parental alienation awareness. Our core aims are to raise awareness, educate and campaign against this form of child abuse.

Promoting a culture of equality, reducing discrimination for parents and their families when accessing child related services and/or the family court system during divorce, separation or child contact disputes. Reducing the impact on children and their families experiencing family breakdown.

We cultivate a sentiment in favour of equality within parenting post separation and promote awareness in regards to all aspects of parental alienation. Partially the issues and difficulties faced by the lives of children, non-resident parents and extended families affected by this form of emotional and psychological abuse.

Parental Alienation Awareness is a charity that believes in the active participation of parents in children’s lives.

We aim to:

  1. Educate and raise awareness of Parental Alienation and the consequences for parents, children and their wider family;
  2. Promote equality in parenting and the active participation of parents in their children’s lives;
  3. Work with other organisations and allies to address all forms of Parental Alienation and support those affected by it.
  4. Hold an annual event for Parental alienation awareness day, this is held on the 25th of April each year as part of a global campaign to raise awareness and highlight this issue in the UK. For more information about this event please visit our events page

Our plan

We will reach out to parents, family law and social care professionals, political leaders, researchers and organisations providing child related services, to raise awareness, garner expertise and increase understanding of parental alienation and how to address it. We will also support or organise events and forums that connect parents and other family members affected by parental alienation and signpost them to appropriate services according to their needs. 

We will enable connection between parents who are alienated from their children, through e-news, events, fundraising activities, and focus groups for research and resource development. Promote events by supporters for fundraising or awareness raising.

Promote Equality in Parenting

For a full copy of our strategic plan please email us at:

Did you know…

Some facts and figures…


Many cases take 3+ years to try and re-establish broken contact during parental alienation (MOJ)

Less than


Less than 2% of court orders are enforced in returning cases. (MOJ)


80% of private law cases are based on issues arising from Parental alienation