Who We Are

Parental Alienation Awareness

We are a registered charity that was founded in 2020. We are an advocacy and signposting service that also works with other agencies, charities and professionals in order to educate and raise greater awareness. We believe that we can achieve more by working with others who share our goals and values.

Our team is built up of parents who have personal experience of Parental Alienation and also other professionals that have a background in rights and equality advocacy.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy was created through a desire to change the shocking and devastating reality of how common parental alienation is in the UK and the lack of training, education and awareness there is around this issue. We do not want anyone to feel as though they have no control or voice in such a heart-breaking situation.

We understand the difficulties faced in managing and coping with the stress that comes with facing a system that fails to acknowledge this form of abuse. We know how far the real human effects of Parental alienation are felt

We believe in the value of coparenting and promote a culture of equality for parents and their children post separation, putting the wellbeing of children and families at the heart of everything we do.

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