Parental Alienation

awareness day

Mark the date - 25th April

Parental alienation awareness day is held on the 25th of April each year as part of a global campaign to raise awareness of parental alienation. In order to highlight this issue in the UK, our charity organises an annual event.

Our parental alienation awareness day event consists of keynote speakers and performers. These range from Lawyers, MP’s, psychologists through to music performers, charities and organisations that support affected families.

If you would like to participate we would love to hear from you, please fill in the form with any links to your website, social media and / or videos you may have online and our team will be in touch.

Mark the date

Our event is run by volunteers and we need your help to make parental alienation awareness day happen.

Raising awareness of this issue wouldn’t be possible without the enthusiasm and hard work of a dedicated team of Volunteers.

Since our first event in 2019 we are now hoping to grow this in size and advance awareness on this issue year upon year until this problem is acknowledged. The future of our campaign depends on you and more people getting involved and Volunteering.

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