Cause ribbon appeal

Cause Ribbon Appeal

Our parental alienation awareness cause ribbon appeal runs throughout the month of April. Our grandparent alienation awareness campaign also runs throughout the month of June, with the 14th June being officially acknowledged as grandparent alienation awareness day. Not only do these causes raise awareness to the wider community but they also help us to raise integral funds for our event and future events around these issues.

If you would like to organise displaying parental or grandparent alienation cause ribbons in your local community, such as; in your place of work, local shop, café, restaurant or at your local school we ask that you display the box during Parental alienation awareness month (April) and/or Grandparent alienation awareness month (June) supporting the sale of our cause ribbons. All of the proceeds will help to fund our events, continue our vital work and campaigns.

Want to help?

To help with our cause ribbon appeal please complete the volunteer form

You can also order our cause ribbons, wristbands or any awareness products from our online shop

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