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Mum, Dad can you hear me?

The book is for kids from 9 to 13-years old and their parents.
If someone is going through divorce or separation and they have kids, this thoughtful story will give them an insight into the minds of children, especially on how they feel and what they go through. It can also be useful for everyone who wishes to understand the child’s perspective during this period.


Adult Children of Parental Alienation:
Breaking that ties that bind

Parental Alienation occurs through divorce or separation when a parent uses the children as pawns, trying to turn the child against the other parent. This book examines the impact of parental alienation on adults and offers strategies and hope in dealing with the long-term effects.


Done With The Crying: Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Children

In Done with The Crying: Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Children, Sheri McGregor, M.A., helps parents break free from emotional pain and move forward in their own lives.


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