Parental Alienation online training courses


Currently, there appears to be little to no accredited training for Parental Alienation in the UK. Parental Alienation is a mental health, social and legal issue severely disrupting the attachments, developmental prospects, and quality of life for millions of children, parents, and extended family members across the UK.

Here at Parental Alienation Awareness, we have partnered with the organisation CAFTT (Child Attachment and Family Trauma Training) to offer you an accredited online training course in Parental Alienation.

There are two options of courses available. The first is the PA1 CPD accredited course which is designed for professionals, and the second is designed for parents and other family members.

PA1 CPD Accredited Course

This is an intermediate level CPD accredited course designed for professionals such as: Family court judges, family law professionals, children’s guardians, child welfare officers, medical professionals, domestic abuse workers, social workers, teachers, therapists, psychologists, and police officers.

Parents Open Access Pathway

There is also an option for parents and other family members to undertake an open access pathway course, which is a beginner to intermediate level course. This is a fast-track training course designed for parents, stepparents, adults alienated as children, family health workers, childcare workers and other family members impacted by this issue.

Meet your course instructor

Stuart Graham is the course instructor who has a mixed background of being a private family court service user for 16 years. He is an ex-lay legal advisor, including assisting successful applications to the UK court of Appeal. He wrote two 5* rated books that critically analyse the UK family courts. He holds a BSc in psychology, an MSc in attachment studies and is a Parental Alienation research expert, specialising in applying attachment and neuroscience-led principles to assessment and resolution at court. He has worked as an expert witness in several intractable cases and he has successfully undertaken reunifications of severely alienated children with targeted parents.

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