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Most people know somebody, a family member or friend, who has been cut off from their children after family breakdown. “Parental Alienation” is the term given to describe a set of coercive and controlling behaviours that leads to a child emotionally cutting off from a “good enough” parent who poses no safeguarding risk to them.

More than a quarter of a million parents are significantly disengaging from both parenting and their careers to deal with the conflict in family court and half of those fighting merely to have meaningful contact with their children, which at least 80% of the time (according to Cafcass) should not have been restricted in the first place.

There is an urgent need to support these victims that are suffering mental health and societal problems as a result of being exposed to the trauma of the family court process and the catastrophic impact of child contact denial. These issues include; Mental breakdowns, anxiety and depression, PTSD, Suicidal idealisations, self-harm, homelessness, debt, grief, isolation, discrimination, stigma and suicide.

Please help us to reach those who are struggling to cope.

Text ENDPA and then the amount ( i.e ENDPA3 to donate £3, ENDPA10 to donate £10 etc) to 70460

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